CCR Update

Club breakfast on Sunday March 20, 2022 - details to follow

Just a quick update from our Officer team!

We are alive and kickin’!!!

Don’t know about you guys – but man, it’s been a long 2 years – finally covid restrictions are being lifted - it’s time to get out as a group and ride (soon)!! whooo hoooo

We need to re-energize our club and get our members back out and participating in rides and events!  We are all here cuz we share a common interest!  The love of riding.  Our goal is to have one ride every weekend.  As interest and participation increases, so will all the rides. Week days? Week nights? Weekend getaways? Doesn’t matter where we go, it’s all about the ride and the company we keep!

Our goal is to have one ride every weekend.  

We have been working behind the scenes brainstorming ideas for the upcoming season.  We are in the process of updating our website. Rides will be posted on the website and there will be link back to our Facebook page where you can register as before (i.e. going, interested, etc.). Anyone registered with the website will get an automatic email when we post new rides and announcements.

We’ve established a shared repository for our documents for easy access by our Officer team.  A shared library for ALL CCR members will also be made available. To this library, we will add a collection of our best rides with pertinent information to help motivate and inspire you to initiate group rides.

We’re kickin’ around new ideas and venues for our Meet ‘n Greets! How often? Where? Evening meets, breakfast get togethers, parking lot socializing, etc. Stay tuned as we start to book these. All ideas and input is welcome!

Current Road Captains are being contacted to gauge interest in staying on as a RC and we ALWAYS need new RC volunteers to step forward to help out and make our club a success.  Post on FB or drop any one of our Officers a quick pm for more details on how to become a Road Captain.

To kick things off we will be organizing a breakfast get together – Sunday March 20th! Details to follow once everything is confirmed.

We all look forward to getting back out there. What is that saying???

Only a Biker knows why a dog sticks his head out the car window? Because it feels amazing to have the wind in your face, it makes you feel alive. Its’ wind therapy!!

Al, Brian, Debby, Gil, Mike

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